HideAway Amplifiers

Do you need high-quality zone amplification but don’t have enough space for a traditional amp? Pragmatic has the answer.

The HideAway™ series Amplifiers produce big luxurious sound, yet fit inside a very small box! These small, powerful packages deliver true high fidelity performance that actually rivals the sound quality of large stand-alone amplifiers.

The robust design of these amplifiers provides extremely clean state-of-the-art power. You will experience an unexpected sound depth and musical clarity from these miniature amps. The unit accepts any volume controlled line level input and uses a super quiet 12VDC power supply. Advanced protection circuitry guards against system damage from overload, overtemperature, or short circuits.

There are a number of optional features available for this miniature powerhouse. Options include a rotary volume control, multiple amplifiers in a standard rack mount unit, and even an in-wall version that fits nicely in a single junction box. Both the amplifiers are available in either 24, 36, or 48 watts.

Stereo HideAway Amplifiers

Mono Bock HideAway Amplifiers