Pragmatic Systems for Residence

Pragmatic HideAway-Home products improve and simplify in-home technologies. Living connected and convenient has never been easier, HideAway-Home products deliver audiophile sound quality, high security, and comfort. These products eliminate the need to walk from room-to-room to turn ON/OFF lighting, close drapes, or to adjust the temperature. Security and sound quality have never been easier and affordable as now.

Pragmatic's HideAway products improve upon your home's value by adding future-proof technologies for video and distribution to multiple rooms, high performance cool running amplifiers, easy single or multiple zone audio and stellar home automation such as curtain, light and temperature control just to name a few.

Imagine watching DVD/BlueRay or cable/satellite from one or multiple sources in any room in your home or going to a keypad and closing all of your curtains and turning off all the lights before you go to bed. Imagine audiophile sound quality, without the hassle of enormous energy sucking amplifiers and preamps and without the danger of breakers going out or the amps overheating and catching fire. Imagine a Pragmatic home.

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