PreAmplifier 9: HideAway™ Series Low Noise PreAmp
The HideAway™ series PreAmplifier 9 is a compact, fixed gain, low noise, high dynamic range, and high signal to noise ratio preamplifier. The miniature yet powerful package delivers high performance and quality at an affordable price.

Most modern audio sources such as computer sound card output, portable CD players, MP3 players, satellite radio receivers, and many others, have a very low-level audio output. This level is usually not sufficient to produce normal audio output from most amplifiers. The PreAmplifier 9 offers a fixed gain block between these sources with extremely low noise and very little distortion. PreAmplifier 9 produces unexpected sound depth and musical clarity.

The unit accepts a line level signal on a 3.5 mm stereo input jack and provides an amplified signal on a 3.5 mm stereo output jack. The PreAmplifier 9 is low power and operates on a 7.5 V DC. The standard units are available with 8.1 dB gain and custom configurations are available with any desired gain up to 36 dB.

There are numerous optional features available for the PreAmplifier 9. Options include a rotary volume control, multiple preamplifiers in a standard rack mount unit, and even an in-wall version that fits inside a single junction box.

            Converting low level audio sources’ outputs into higher level for traditional amplifiers
            Compact box or in-wall preamplifier
            Compact design
            Efficient energy consumption
            In-wall versions available
            Multiple amplifiers in a single rack version available
            Custom gain up to 36dB
            Rotary volume control version available