HazCam™ - High performance wireless video camera system for Homeland Security and HazMat™ applications

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HazCam™ is designed specifically for Hazmat situations, fire safety, SWAT teams, law enforcement, military, border patrol, coast guard, security and surveillance, etc. applications.

It consists of a very high performance, low light sensitivity and high-resolution camera, coupled with high performance wireless video transmission system.

Pragmatic has been manufacturing very high quality transmission systems since 1994.

The Pragmatic board camera modules offer excellent image quality in low light situations, ideal for covert observations without any extra IR flood light requirements.

The system is fully self contained with camera, transmitter and battery pack in a single package. The receiver is housed in a rugged Pelican® case with high performance panel antenna, LCD monitor and a battery pack. Battery charger is built in the case also.

Useful in monitoring chemical, biological or other hazardous situations with a remote camera that can be mounted on a tripod. The site can be remotely monitored from a distance of more than a 1000 ft.

The HazCam™ can also be used in areas of poor illumination or hostile environments, such as looking around a corner of the building.

The HazCam™ can also be mounted on roving robots in difficult situations.

Applications of HazCam™:
Hazcam Application1

Hazcam Application2
For more information on the system contact factory or your local sales representative for Pragmatic. This system is exclusively available to authorized personnel of U.S. Federal Government, State Government and local law enforcement agencies, fire and public safety officers only.

All Pragmatic products are proudly designed and manufactured in Santa Clara, CA, USA.