Tiny size and big performance distinguish this powerhouse from Silicon Valley

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Las Vegas, NV, April 29, 2000 – Pragmatic Communications Systems, the leader in audio/video control and signal distribution, announced yet another innovative twist on a conventional product. The SAA™ (Stereo Audio Amplifier) is an extremely compact stereo amplifier where space is limited but the desire for high performance is not. Pragmatic’s SAA™, part of the company’s Hideaway Series, is designed for a wide range of uses including kiosks, classrooms, boardrooms or small rooms around the home or office. These products offer high performance for applications where signals need to be transmitted over long distances.

The SAA, measuring only 2” wide, 3 ½” high and 3” deep delivers more than 20 watts per channel of continuous power. Delivering audiophile quality, the SAA™ is actually two discrete monoblock amplifiers in an attractively styled high-impact anodized case. The unit accepts any volume controlled line-level stereo (or mono) input via gold-plated phono inputs. Outputs are offered via high quality gold plated five-way binding posts. Powered is supplied via 12 VDC.

Advanced protection circuitry guards against damage from overload, excessive temperatures or short circuits. Further, SAA runs cool and needs no heat sinks or vents thanks to its high efficiency amplifiers. The compact Pragmatic package delivers high fidelity performance rivaling the sound quality of large audiophile amplifiers at a fraction of the size and price.

For further flexibility in a wide array of applications, available options for SAA include: rotary volume control, standard rack mount kit for multiple amplifiers and an in-wall version that can be fitted in a standard junction box. SAA is available for immediate delivery.

SAA™ also offers reliability in various environments and is backed by a two year no-nonsense warranty. SAA™, along with Pragmatic’s other Hideaway Series products, are on display here at NSCA Expo 2000 in the Pragmatic Communications Booth # 1140. Or for more information, you may visit the company’s website at

Peter Hoagland