The Best Kept Secret in Class-D, for Home and More

High Performance, High Efficiency and as Green as it Gets

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Santa Clara, CA – 10/05/09 – Pragmatic Communications Sysetms, Inc. reveals their SAA-HideAways® Series class-D amplifiers - "The best kept secret in audiodom". The SAA series amplfiers deliver highefficiency and audiophile sound quality up to 48-watts per-channel (stereo or mono) for use in home, commercial and pro applications. Additionally the SAA amplfiers 2" x 4" compact size allows them to Hide Away from site and they're very easy to install even for the beginner.

"The sound is very clean, dynamic and precise with a beautiful soundstage." "Music is reproduced with great authority and ease, rhythm and pace are excellent, and it is also free of any distortion artifacts." Wim de Haan, AudioXpress, June 2009

High Efficiency Output
The effeciency and green rating of SAA amplifiers is of the highest available, ranging in 98% - 100% at all times. Because of their high quality components and inteligent design these amps effortlessly drive audio signals for months-on-end with out a hint of degradation or distortions all the while remaining cool-running.

Suprising Audiophile Sound Quality
Sound quality is comparable to the most reputable amplifiers on the market that cost in excess of 5000- dollars for less than 700. The full-range detail delivers with aplomb note after note day and night, never has 48-watts accomplished so much for so little. Detail is impeccable leaving no stone unturned and the loudness is unexpectedly usable and undistorted.

Compact and Simple
The SAA HideAway series amplifiers are housed in a black, bushed aluminum box measuring in at just 1.5" x 2.5" x 5.75", hence the name HideAway®. They use a regulated power supply wich plugs into a standard power outlet and can be mounted, stashed or stuffed any where leaving application possibilities endless. Bannana plugs are used for speaker outputs and inputs are available in standard line level or optional ministereo very simple and straight forward.

The SAA amplifiers are used in an array of applications such as custom home audio, pro-audio, commercial audio, lab testing and more.

Contact Info:
Jean-Paul Lefebvre
Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc.
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Santa Clara / CA / 95051 USA
Phone: 408-735-0300