PTS4077F directional speakers in collaborative learning spaces
Top view of PTS-4077F direction speakers
PTS-4077F directional speaker in digital signage at airport terminal

Pragmatic High-performance Tile Array Directional speaker with DAC™
Default model color: White

The PTS-4077F is a high-performance focused tile-array active speaker. It consists of an array of high performance, full range drivers which offer a very well-defined dispersion pattern with no hot spots. It offers the best sound quality of any focused sound technology on the market. It has the greatest low-frequency capability of any directional speaker in the industry. The unique design of the PTS-4077F creates a well-defined audio zone and eliminates sound bleeding into adjacent areas/zones. It can be installed as a stand-alone unit or can be paired with a variety of digital displays in retail, educational, industrial and commercial applications.

The PTS-4077F is easy to mount in the standard commercial drop-tile ceilings. With optional mounting brackets, it can also be suspended in open ceiling spaces.

The speaker is part of the PADS™ family and easily integrates with other PADS™ components. In areas with highly varying ambient noise, it can be used with the PALS™(Pragmatic Audio Leveling System) for automatic volume control based on the ambient noise.

Cat5 cable length 300 ft max. between PTS-4077F and PH-1AA
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Additional resources available for download are listed below

            Digital signage directional speakers
            Museums, exhibits, displays, libraries
            HealthCare waiting areas, POP displays
            Collaborative educational spaces
            Applications in hotels, fitness clubs, restaurants, theme parks, shopping malls, grocery stores, retail, entertainment, etc.
            High efficiency, full-range drivers
            Great low frequency response
            Cat5 cable simple plug-and-play operation
            Standard drop-tile 2' x 2' (600mm x 600mm)
            CE compliant
            Energy efficient internal audio amplifier
            PALS™ - Pragmatic ambient noise-sensing Automatic Audio Leveling System with 4 microphone input hub
            Black, silver etc. custom colors available