Pragmatic Releases A New Product Line: PHA, Pragmatic High Performance Array Speakers

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Santa Clara, CA - July 18, 2007
– Pragmatic Communication Systems, Inc., an industry innovator in wired and wireless systems since 1994, recently announced its newest product line: PHA, Pragmatic High Performance Array Speakers. The PHA line of speakers comes in five different sizes: PHA-4, PHA-8, PHA-16, PHA-25, and PHA-48. The design of the drivers allows a well-defined dispersion pattern with no hot spots. The speaker is easily mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall or ceiling with the standard installation kit. The speakers can also be attached to Plasma and LCD screens in digital signage applications.

When the speaker is positioned horizontally, the signal will drop-off dramatically off-axis while maintaining a very uniform sound field in the vertical dimension. If mounted vertically, it offers uniform sound field 360 degrees around the speaker, making it an ideal unit for mounting in public venues.

There are numerous possible applications for this product including hotels, restaurants, theme parks, fitness clubs, museums, shopping malls, department stores, airports, train stations, schools, college campuses, places of worship, and home theater applications in residential markets. The speakers are available with a protective metal grill in silver, white, black, and other custom colors. Additional options include to integrated amplifiers, such as the mono-block amplifiers: MBA-120 and MBA148, the PADS amplifiers: PA-15R, PA-24R with CAT5 cable interface, or a 70V amplifier system.

PHA Speakers

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