High-performance Array Speaker Red Iron I-Beam Mounting Kit
This kit is ideal for mounting PHA speakers to high ceilings or walls. A PHA speaker of your choice will be attached to a pair of mounting brackets. Furthermore, these mounting brackets will be clamped to the I-Beams on your ceiling. Each bracket has two pairs of screws to provide firm and reliable installation of the mounting kit.

receiver unit
Close-up of screws attached to the I-Beam Bracket
receiver unit
Close-up of I-Beam Bracket mounted with a PHA Speaker

Additional resources available for download are listed below

            Digital signage directional speakers
            Warehouses, airports, bus stations, train stations, shopping malls, night clubs
            Museums, exhibits, displays, libraries
            HealthCare waiting areas, POP displays
            Applications in hotels, fitness clubs, restaurants, theme parks, shopping malls, grocery stores, retail, entertainment, etc.
            Quick and easy to install, retrofit friendly
            Reduces installation labor costs
            Innovative Design