DAVES™ 4.4


DAVES™ 4.4: Digital Audio Video Entertainment System
The DAVES™ 4.4 system delivers high-quality audio/video at an affordable price. Its simple yet elegant design provides unequal sound quality with cables that run up to 1000 feet per zone. It distributes audio/video signals to 4 listening areas using only a single category 5 cable. Furthermore, each zone is capable of independently selecting any source. By cascading an additional DAVES™ 4.4 system, it can be expanded in increments of four zones per unit. Each category 5 cable ends into a DAVES™-KP (In-Wall Amplifier Key Pad), for amplification and control. The DAVES™-KP delivers true high fidelity performance that actually rivals the sound quality of large stand-alone amplifiers. The unit has a built-in IR detector for remote control of source selection, volume up, volume down, and mute. It is available with IR-only control or IR with a keypad.

The Pragmatic DAVES™ 4.4 offers outstanding input and output versatility, with 4 stereo sources in and 4 zones out, along with video feeds and local IR control. The DAVES™ 4.4 delivers DVD quality video over an astounding 1000 feet on category 5 cables and RS485 control. Even at that distance, there isn’t a need for local AC connections, which saves time and money by eliminating secondary wiring. Local control is by keypad or IR control. Pragmatic’s efficient digital amps deliver 12-48 watts directly into the speakers to match the detail of the video. The DAVES™ 4.4 has incredible features and versatility for its price. As simple to install as other category 5 wired systems with a stunning difference in sound quality and video detail.

            Multiple room audio system in residential markets
            Audio and Video supplied to rooms on category 5 cables
            In-wall amplification in up to 4 zones
            Cable runs up to 1000 ft.per zone
            High quality audio/video
            High quality audio amplifier
            Expandable in 4-zone increments
            Affordable price
            Easy to operate
            Highly reliable
            Simple installation
            4 zones out
            Incredible sound quality and video detail
            DMS-KP: DMS Keypad for control only
            IWA-KP: In-Wall 2x24W with keypad
            IWA-IRS: In-Wall 2x24W with IR control only
            IWA-IRM: In-Wall 1x24W with IR control only