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TPA - Twisted Pair Audio System
(SuperTranz™ circuit stereo audio system)

Available Models:

Do you have a need to send high quality stereo audio signals on standard twisted pair wires?

The HideAway™ TPA twisted pair audio is the ideal choice for an affordable solution. The line-level stereo audio signals can now be transmitted and received using simple twisted pair wires. The remote TPA receiver can use the SIWA (Stereo In-wall amplifier) or the SAA (Stereo Audio Amplifier) from Pragmatic to power the speakers.

The SuperTranz™ circuit eliminates ground loops and noise pick up. It also provides a robust signal for amplification. The system provides true "plug and play" simplicity and requires no manual gain adjustment on the receiver. It is the low cost and better performance alternative to other balanced audio line drivers and receivers on the market.

The transmitter and receiver units have a standard RJ-45 plug for twisted pair wire interface, pair of standard phono plugs for stereo line-level audio signals and a 12 V DC power connector.

TPA Data sheet
TPA Application Notes
TPA User Manual