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Available Models: PHLCD19, PHLCD22, PHLCD26, PHLCD32, PHLCD39, PHLCD40, PHLCD42, PHLCD50, PHLCD55, PHLCD60 Models with multimedia/DVD player: PHLCD15MP, PHLCD19MP, PHLCD22MP, PHLCD26MP

Pragmatic PHTVs deliver convenient LCD HDTV solutions with a unique sleek and slim design. The PHTVs feature an advanced pillow speaker interface and have high-performance LCD panels for enhanced brightness, contrast ratio, low-reflection glare protection and widescreen viewing angles.

All models include ATSC/NTSC tuners to receive off-air broadcasts as well as digital cable QAM capability to receive non-scrambled digital cable programming. In addition, the PHTVs are PC compatible and double as HDTV monitors for increased versatility. As an HDTV monitor, they are compatible with 1080i and 720p signals from HDTV sources.

In addition, many models offer integral DVD player and multimedia inputs such as USB and MMC/SD card reader options.

Pragmatic HealthCare TV Small Screens Catalog


Pragmatic HealthCare TV Large Screens Catalog

PHLCD60 60" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD55 55" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD52 52" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD50 50" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD42 42" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD40 40" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD39 39" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD32 32" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD26 26" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD22 22" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD19 19" LCD TV Datasheet

PHLCD26MP 26" LCD TV/DVD/Multimedia Datasheet

PHLCD22MP 22" LCD TV/DVD/Multimedia Datasheet

PHLCD19MP 19" LCD TV/DVD/Multimedia Datasheet

PHLCD15MP 15" LCD TV/DVD/Multimedia Datasheet