Black Maple Cherry
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The PAS*PortT (Public Address System - Portable) is a fully selfcontained, integrated and light weight portable PA system for applications in educational classrooms, meeting rooms, portable public venues, health and fitness clubs, etc. It offers high performance, uniform and well-defined dispersion pattern, excellent speech intelligibility and music clarity where sound needs to cover a wide area. It is very easy to operate and quick to set up.

The PAS*PortT is fully self-contained in a carrying case of 13" x 11" x 4" only. It consists of a 2 mic inputs / 1 line level input mixer, line level output, an integrated 20 Watts amplifier, a high performance small array speaker, rechargeable battery pack for operation up to 8 hours and a telescoping tripod. It also includes a high quality hand-held microphone as well as a headset microphone for hands-free operations.

The line array speaker offers excellent 360 degrees of coverage making it an ideal choice for applications in class rooms, meeting rooms, small public address venues, sports events, fitness clubs, gymnasiums, etc.

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