Ohio School


RETS Technical Center


Centerville, Ohio


Lee Howell
Audio Video Design Group
3189 Plainfield Road
Kettering, OH 45432
Ph. 937-436-0384
email: avdg@erinet.com


Project Description:

The goal of the project was to design and install a centralized "Media Center" with 4 to 6 audio / video sources being distributed to 30 different classrooms around the campus.

Key requirements:

Distribute high-quality video to each of the classrooms. Allow each classroom to independently select which one of the multiple sources they wish to display. Allow each classroom the ability to control the source equipment: play, pause, and channel change commands.

The Solution:

After evaluating several alternatives, the designer chose the CATS™ high-performance Audio / Video distribution system from Pragmatic for the project.

The Equipment:

(6) CATS™ Transmitters (one for each source)
(4) CATS™ Multi-Source, Multi-Zone, Switcher / Routers (providing a total of 32 outputs)
(30) CATS™ Receiver (one at each monitor)


Key Advantages:

High-quality audio and video distribution
Uses low-cost category 5 cables for signal distribution
Lowers installation time and labor
Simple "Plug and Play" operation -- No user adjustments needed
Integrated IR control system allows remote control of router and source equipment

The Result:

This project was successfully designed, installed, and made fully operational. In fact, the systems integrator was so satisifed he wrote a review.