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MuSe™ Music Servers

Available Models: MuSe-1, MuSe-2, MuSe-3, MuSe-4

Pragmatic's MuSe™ is a high performance hard disk-based music server for professional, commercial, industrial, and high-end residential applications. The unit is housed in a high quality 4 rack unit, industrial 19" rack mountable chassis with a locking security cover.

MuSe™ comes pre-configured to serve up to four channels of stereo music simultaneously. The music files can be accessed from a multitude of different mediums including the internal hard disc, DVD Rom, USB drives and any other drives on the network including any NAS. Each channel has multiple play lists that can be scheduled to play at any time. The play lists individually support up to 5000 songs and feature built-in random selection to prevent sequential and repetitive play. MuSeT also generates a log file of all the songs played including time and titles. The hard disk comes with 80 GB standard but can be customized to 400 GB and beyond.

The system is designed for 24/7 total autonomous operations, which eliminates the need for a supporting keyboard, mouse or video display. Music can be loaded to the system's hard drives via USB, DVD disc or Ethernet connection. Easy interface to Pragmatic's PADS™ products allows for music distribution in commercial environments on economical category 5 cables. MuSe™ is the ideal music server for hotels, restaurants, theme parks, fitness clubs, museums, shopping malls, department stores, as well as numerous other applications. In addition, it can be used as a luxurious multiple room audio system in residential markets. MuSe™ can be seen working around the globe in many venues including several prestigious hotels, major cruise ships, fitness clubs and restaurants.


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