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Ultra 12-Channel Audiophile Quality Amplifier

Available Models: MCA-1248

An audiophile quality amplifier that can power six rooms with ease

The MCA-1248 Amplifier produces big luxurious sound, yet is so efficient that it doesn't require heat sink or a ventilating fan. The small yet powerful package delivers true high fidelity performance that surpasses the sound quality of amplifiers 10 times its size and weight. At only 10 pounds and a 2 rack-unit height, it is by far the most compact and efficient amplifier in its class.The robust design of this amplifier provides extremely clean state-of-the-art power. You will experience unexpected sound depth and musical clarity from this 12-channel powerhouse. The unit accepts any volume controlled line level input and uses a super quiet, efficient 110 V AC power supply. Advanced protection circuitry guards against system damage from overload, over-temperature or short circuits.

The amplifier is ideal for multi-room audio, bi-amped speakers and home theater systems.

MCA-1248 Data sheet
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