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IWA- Stereo In-Wall Amplifiers
Available Models: IWA-224, IWA-236, IWA-248

Pragmatic Communication's Stereo In-Wall Amplifier is available with 24 Watts (12 V DC), 36 Watts (13.8 V DC) and 48 Watts (15 V DC) per channel. It fits in a single gang and has three different configurations.

One configuration comes with pre-amp level signals and DC power inputs from the front and a speakerwire connection in the rear. Another is a unit with only DC power input from the front and pre-amp level input signals, and a speakerwire connection in the rear. The final option is unit with just a blank access panel in the front and all the connections for DC power, pre-amp level input signals and speakerwire connections in the rear.

IWA- 224 Data sheet
IWA- 236 Data sheet
IWA- 248 Data sheet

IWA- 248 Press Release