Black Maple Cherry
IR PreAmp with Keypad
Available Models:

Add digital volume control and IR remote control to your music with Pragmatic’s new keypad.This beautifully designed keypad is easy to use, touch-button oriented, and yet has the ability to provide excellent volume control and add infrared remote control to your system.

The three simple yet elegant buttons on the wall plate controls the volume up, volume down and mute. The volume control is displayed on 8 discrete LED levels, with each level representing 4 distinct steps of volume control yielding a total of 32 discrete levels. The IR detector allows for the remote control of the volume and mute as well as the source selection and control. An IR confirmation LED is lit every time an IR command is received.

The keypad has line-level stereo inputs and pre-amplified outputs. It operates from a efficient 9 V DC power supply.