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DAVES™ 4.4 : Distributed Audio Video Entertainment System
Available Models:

The DAVES™ 4.4 system delivers a high quality audio / video at an affordable price. The simple yet elegant system provides unequalled sound quality with cables up to 1000 feet per zone. It distributes audio signals to four listening areas using only a single category 5 wire. Further, each zone is capable of independently selecting any source. The system also features a source selection function, using an IR Remote Control or a keypad. By cascading additional DAVES™ 4.4, the system can be expanded in increments of four zones per unit. Each category 5 cable run ends into an DAVES-KP (In-Wall Amplifier) for amplification and control.

without audio is to be used with DAVES-KP



with audio is to be used as a stand-alone receiver


This small but powerful amplifier delivers true high fidelity performance that actually rivals the sound quality of large stand-alone amplifiers. The unit has a built-in IR detector for remote control of source selection, volume up, volume down, and mute. Available with IR-only control or IR with keypad.

DAVES™ Data sheet
DAVES™ User Manual