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Control 9™: Octal Serial Port Hub

Available Models: Control-9

The Control 9™ Octal Serial Hub is a generic communication and control device that allows a PC Host to connect to multiple serial devices. Control 9™ can manage all aspects of automation systems, each with different applications. The controlled devices can include audio/video systems, fire/smoke detectors and sensors, alarms systems, lighting and window shade controls, HVAC equipment, air dampers, home automation devices, as well as a multitude of other uses making it the ultimate industrial and residential control system.

Control 9™ has two upstream ports: one a USB device Port and the other a Serial RS-232 Port, one of which must be connected to the Host PC. It also has eight downstream ports that are jumper configurable for RS-232, RS-485 or 5 V TTL operations. The ports connect to the downstream devices that are to be controlled.

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