CATS Testimonials

"I am writing this letter to you to let you know how happy the school is with their media retrieval system. The feedback I have gotten from the instructors is excellent. One instructor in the electronics department even commented that the students thought it was one of the best systems they had ever seen in a classroom. The quality of picture, and sound is second to none. What I liked the most was the ease of installation. It was exactly what you said "PLUG & PLAY." I could not imagine doing a system this big with coax. If you have anybody that doubts what your product can do have them give me a call."

-- Lee Howell, Audio Video Design Group, OH,, 937-436-0384


"At first, the CATS system offered us tremendous problem solving capability with the simplicity of CAT 5 wiring. Now that we have really put it through its paces, we realize that the sonic and visual potential of the system for distribution is second to none. Wherever the highest quality signal distribution is required, we will proudly specify the CATS system."

-- Richard C. Green, President / CEO, The Audible Difference.


"I've been testing the 2TAVIC / 2RAVIC set-up since last Friday evening. Nice! I've been able to do some rather interesting A/B testing. I have a RCA DSS dish with a second generation receiver that has two outputs and a SONY XBR2 television that provides side-by-side picture-in-picture viewing. I hooked up one output through roughly 30 feet of conventional coax lines and the CATS equipment through roughly 600 to 700 feet of CAT5 wire. With this set-up, I figure that the conventional coax connection is at its best and the signal will only degenerate as more length is added. The CATS system obviously will either perform or not perform. I doubt I'd ever get anywhere near the 1,000 foot limitation with my installation.

"The coax picture looks pretty darn good. The CATS picture is excellent. The biggest difference in the pictures is the depth and level of color saturation. From the same receiver, even after switching connections, the coax connection does two things (using the CATS as the reference standard). First it adds considerable red tones (either through increased hue or color brightness). Secondly, the dynamic range is flattened. Whites are grayed, blacks are flat with no depth, facial tones are washed over. Not a bad picture, but again it isn't as good as the CATS and will only get worse as the run gets longer.

"My review in short, great system!"

-- Jim Brouwer, President / CEO, THINK Communications, OH.


"The CATS transmitter and receiver are simple, and logical to hook up. Both the picture and the sound are very clean. I will absolutely recommend that we continue to use the CATS system for many applications."

-- Brian Jensen, Installer, The Audible Difference.