Black Maple Cherry
CATS™ Router- Multi-Zone, Multi-source, Audio / Video Switcher
Available Models: CATS™- 8BY8TAV

The Model CATS™- 8BY8TAV is a switcher / router for multi-zone, multi-source distribution of CATS™ signals to 8 different zones. Any input can be routed to any and all zones, independent of how the other zones are set. Each zone output can be daisy-chained to multiple CATS™ receivers, and each zone driver is capable of driving 1000 ft. of category 5 wire. Programming and control is via serial (RS-232) input / output connection. Zone selection is also possible through remote control from the zones. The IR commands from the remote CATS™ receivers are interpreted by the switcher / router micro-controller. Independent IR LED drivers are available for source equipment control.

Options: Front panel display, 1-line or 2-line

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