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Wiring is the most challenging aspect of an audio / video home theater system. Installing heavy gauge cable hookups is time consuming, laborious and expensive. Degradation of the audio performance due to noise pick-up, ground loops, signal loss, group delay distortion, and other maladies is an issue with long cables. Other companies have attempted to alleviate these problems by using very expensive cables costing $30 - $60 /ft. or more; yet the noise, hum and signal attenuation issues still remain.

Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc., has developed a new standard to fix the problems inherent with today's heavy gauge cables. The Complete Audiophile Transmission System, or CATS™, is a high performance system for the distribution of audiophile quality line-level audio signals on cost efficient wires. The system is based on Pragmatic's proprietary Bandwidth Domain Signal Processing [BDSP™] technology. This technology enables transmission of the highest quality line-level audio signals on a standard category 5 or un-shielded twisted pair wires to distances up to 5000 feet without any loss in the performance, dynamic range or quality.

The advanced BDSP™ technology completely eliminates ground loops, noise pick-up or hum. It also provides superb sound reproduction, high resolution to the fine details in the music and warm tonality and depth. The wide dynamic range of the BDSP™ technology delivers excellent mid-range purity, and a remarkable reproduction of natural sounds with incredible richness. The outstanding transient response renders a bass full of warmth and superior transparency.

Two models of the CATS™ system are currently available. The CATS™-2 is a two channel (left, right) transmission system that operates on standard category 5, category 3, or even telephone grade unshielded twisted-pair wire. Despite using this economical medium to transmit and receive signals, CATS™ delivers a performance that far surpasses the most expensive audiophile cables.

The CATS™- 6 system is the ultimate in audiophile signal distribution. This multi-channel unit supports simultaneous transmission of up to six channels to facilitate a THX® Home Cinema, Dolby AC-3®, Dolby ProLogic®, and Dolby Surround Sound® in a state-of-the-art home theater system. It utilizes a standard category 5 wire to distribute the six [Left, Center, Right, Surround Left, Surround Right, and LFE (Low Frequency Effects)] channels to 5000 feet. Up to 16 receivers can be daisy-chained or tapped on to the wires for multi-room distribution.

The CATS™ system transmitter accepts line level audio signals from any high quality signal source such as an AV receiver, CD player, Digital Compact Cassette (DCC), Digital Audio Tape (DAT), Mini-Disc (MD), DVD player, high-end tape-deck, or any Surround Sound® processor source. The CATS™ system receiver recovers the signal from the wires and superbly reproduces the original line level audio signals utilizing the BDSP™ technology. These line level signals can be fed into a power amplifier at the receiving end.

Some of the salient features of the system include an audio frequency response from 10 Hz to 24 Khz with less than 0.5 dB error across the band, a system signal-to-noise ratio in excess of 100 dB, a full 110 dB audio dynamic range, stereo channel separation better than 70 dB, and a total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.05% typically.

There are numerous advantages of the CATS™ system. First, it allows the multi-point distribution and broadcasting of line level audio signals to any location within 5000 ft. on a category 5 wire. Up to 16 receivers can be connected in parallel or daisy-chained together on a single wire allowing the system be designed to fit any size application. In addition, the range can be extended even more by configuring a simple repeater system.  

The applications of CATS™ are endless. It can be used in home theater entertainment, Surround Sound® systems, remote extension speakers for patio, pool side, and many more. The CATS™ system brings new life to theaters, amphitheaters, concert halls, and studios. It also is easily and quickly deployed at trade shows, conferences, exhibit halls, and more.

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