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WHIMS™- Wireless Home Interactive Multimedia System - Wireless technology that connects the PC to the home
Available Models:

What is WHIMS™?
WHIMS™ allows the display of computer graphics on an ordinary TV set
WHIMS™ is a remote computing platform that enables the distribution of a PC's power to anywhere in the home

Components of the WHIMS™
PC-to-TV transmitter
"Set-top" TV receiver unit
Wireless pointing device
Wireless keyboard (optional)
Connects to existing PC and TV

Interested dealers or OEMs are invited to make an appointment to see a demonstration of this product. Pragmatic is also available to make a presentation to interested Computer Clubs local to the Bay area. Questions? E-mail the factory

Note: At the present time, this product is only being offered for sale to major OEM accounts or volume distributors, rather than individual sales. Pragmatic is actively seeking a "strategic partner" or major OEM manufacturer / distributor who is interested in licensing this technology, or entering into a distribution agreement. Contact the factory for details.