Black Maple Cherry
PHA High-Performance Line Array Speakers
Available Models: PHA-4, PHA-8, PHA-184, PHA-264, PHA-16, PHA-25, PHA-5125
The Pragmatic family of line array speaker system are designed to complement the basic requirement for control of dispersion, off axis cancellation and projection of multimedia announcements or music reproduction. A special aluminum extrusion process is employed in the manufacture of its enclosure to insure minimum built in resonance to eliminate peaking and harsh sound for balance reproduction of Voice and Music.

The speakers are precisely installed and spaced to each other to optimized the design concept of line array speaker theory.of dispersion and projection of sound. When installed in a vertical position, it produces an impressive 360degrees of dispersed sound which make them ideal for use as front , left , and surround speakers of a 5.1/7.1 Dolby Digital/DTS system. When mounted horizontally, it projects sound directly forward like a beam of flashlight and makes it ideal for center channel use. These speakers will compliment well with a good variable cutoff powered subwoofer.

PHA- 4: 4 Full Range Drives, 9" tall
PHA-184: 4 Full Range Drivers, Dual ported, 18" tall
PHA-264: 4 Full Range Drivers, Better LF, 26" tall
PHA-8: 8 Full Range Drivers, 18" tall
PHA-16: 16 Full Range Drivers, 24" tall
PHA-25: 25 Full Range Drivers, 42" tall
PHA-5125: 25 Full Range Drivers, 51" tall

PHA Full Brochure: Pragmatic PHA Family Speakers Brochure
PHA Installation Guide: Pragmatic PHA Family Speaker Installation Guide for wall-mount and Commercial drop-tile ceiling 'T'-bar mount
PHA angle mount instructions: Pragmatic PHA Family Speakers 45-degree angle mount instructions

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