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Available Models: TUNR-D

A High Quality ATSC / Clear-QAM HDTV / NTSC / CATV Tuner for your flat panel display monitors, projection system, or studio monitors.

The HideAway™ TUNR-D tuner is the ideal choice for flat panel display monitors and high-end projection systems that access cable television or a traditional off-the-air antenna signals. It is also the perfect for broadcast studios that employ many monitors. The signal can now be translated in close proximity to the monitor or projector, which eliminates noise and interference typically encountered when routing TV / CATV sources over a long distance. The unit outputs a HDMI, RGBHV and component video signal, operates via IR remote control or RS-232 controls, and contains an elegant LED display with limited front-panel control buttons.

The unit accepts a traditional cable or antenna input and is supplied with a very quiet 12 V DC power supply.

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